Our story began with an idea and a series of coincidences which have led me to believe that this is my true business journey! I reveal it to you in the following story.

I had worked in a big company for 16 years and I had hoped for a life change. While becoming a mother of two baby boys, we settled down in Visole. My greatest wish was to work more from home and on my own, being an ambitious person by nature. At that moment I had plenty of life experiences and self-confidence to open my own business and embark on a completely new journey – the journey of entrepreneurship and tourism.

8 years ago when we bought the land in Visole, we temporarily settled down in a small cottage where we lived until my partner and I built a house which is still our home.

At that time we didn’t know what to use the cottage for. It was a real waste to use it for storing tools and winter tires, since it was suitable for living and had all the necessary equipment for a cosy sleep, a kitchen and a large bathroom. And last but not least, parquet on the floor … After renting it to our friends for a few nights, we started promoting it, more as a joke than not, on a foreign web site for travellers and tourists from abroad. I remember being quite surprised when we received our first reservation from Poland on the very same night! Believe it or not, they were not the only ones. And I felt wonderful because I could enable them good rest and kindness of words. We were surprised by the response and the satisfaction of our guests. They told us that the location was exceptional, offering peace and wonderful panoramic views of the hills.

They have even motivated me to believe that I was a natural-born host. So I started considering if this could be my job which I would do with greatest joy! I enjoy meeting new people, especially world travellers and tourists, since I come from a touristic region of the Zreče Pohorje and somehow hospitality runs through my veins.

The idea came into existence to put simple miniature wooden cottages on our home hill, which used to be a vineyard before we bought it (Visole is a wine growing region). The purpose of these cottages was to sleep in and have a roof over the head. However, for adventurous holidaymakers who love to connect with nature, they offer the best sleep in a hotel room amidst nature. Since this kind of holiday is now trendy, and I prefer it myself, I decided to invest all my savings in building up the first glamping cottage.
On this very hill we liked to hang out as a family, admire a wonderful view and so the hill became our true “zen point”.

How did it all begin?

After seeing the response of the first guests in our cottage, I got a real incentive and motivation to independently work from home. I started looking for the possibilities of a subsidy to open the company and I was selected for the subsidy at the “Women’s Entrepreneurship” call. After three months of intensive preparations and business education, I opened my small enterprise. During my education, I met an architect Ana Stopar, who gave me the idea and the drawings of the cottages, and from there onwards, there was no turning back.

My partner and I started to work hard. He specializes in wood processing and I started to work intensly on marketing and management of tourism. Since wood is our favourite building material, we use it everywhere possible. In addition to being familiar with the construction industry, my partner is also the master of parquet floors and wooden floor coverings. To sum it all up, we have built the cottage on our own. It is made from the local wood from Pohorje.

Our cottages are special since they are stable, isolated and have a rather unusual appearance. The large panoramic walls provide breathability, light and open view. The land on which they stand offers a unique panoramic view, which guests admire the most. Sleeping in a cosy, warm, wooden cottage, with a view from the bed, is definitely our specialty and worth experiencing!

In this area lives an endangered species of an owl, called “Scops owl”. And since the view from the cottage provides the bird’s eye view, while the panoramic wall offers an open view, we are wondering, if anyone will experience this incredible encounter eye-to-eye. Maybe those who are night owls. One never knows!
In order for our night observers to sleep in as long as possible, we offer home-made rural breakfast from the basket, delivered to the cottage’s doorstep. No one will give up such pampering so early in the morning.
Breakfast on the terrace or in bed is a special experience, considering the view. This year’s exclusive offer is the jacuzzi which offers the greatest pampering, since there is only one such cottage and it is a cherry on the top of the cream – or a hill! Our vision is to build a truly small paradise in nature with several en-suite glamping cottages, jacuzzies and all the corresponding infrastructure.

I am looking forward to upgrading our story!

Welcome to the land of Scops owls in order to check out if our story is true or not.